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End isolation for adults living with mental illness in our community.

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JOIN THE FIGHT- End Isolation

Everyday our members fight against two invisible forces: mental illness and stigma. These two combined make a very lethal cocktail of isolation and desperation. Elevation House ensures that members win the fight, ENDING ISOLATION and restoring hope by helping members:

  • Develop friendships;
  • Find employment;
  • Obtain stable, safe affordable housing;
  • Achieve their education goals; and
  • Access wellness supports in a stigma-free environment

We need YOU to JOIN THE FIGHT- give a life-transforming gift today!


"I needed housing. I had been homeless after caring for my mom. I needed help to find a place to call my own. Elevation House helped walk me through... It was very overwhelming. I am in a beautiful place now!" -Robin, Member

"Elevation House helped me get through a very trying time in my life where I was depressed because I didn't have a job. Then, when they found me this job it gave me confidence in myself and really helped my self-esteem; really got me out of my depression." -Matthew, Member

"He is more of a blessing to me. He really concentrates and cares about whether or not we are getting along as far as our relationship goes." -Linda, Member Parent